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Tips For Selecting A Basketball System

With all the different choices out there we thought we could offer our many years of experience to help you select a basketball system that fits your needs. If you still can't decide or if you have questions please feel free to call or email us, our hoop expert has over 30 years of experience and can answer most any question about most any brand basketball system.

Inground vs. Portable
There's no question that an in-ground system is a better way go. More stability and safer play are just two of the reasons. Most portables on the market today are very cheaply built and don't last very long, just drive through any neighborhood and look at how many of these portables are broken, most don't last a year. And if you plan on getting one of these portable systems to move in and out of the garage for your kids to play on consider this... These systems are hard to move when the base is empty, you have to tip it back on its wheels to roll. Now put the sand or water ballast in the base and try to move it, nearly impossible and there's no way you are going to drain it or empty the sand every time you want to move it and you can't play on it with out the ballast. Now you have this system with it's big ugly plastic base taking up space on your driveway. If your site location demands using a portable look for systems that have 4 wheels, this makes moving the system, with ballast in it, much easier.

Adjustable vs. Fixed Height
This decision should be made based upon the ages of the players and the level of basketball you want to play. The official regulation height of a basketball goal is 10', but a new basketball system fixed at 10' will be a big disappointment to youngsters learning to get the ball into the goal. Also with today's high quality adjustable systems built by  Wilson anyone can lower the hoop and slam-dunk like the big boys. A 10' fixed height system is a good choice if you only want to play at regulation 10'. Note: If you are going to purchase an adjustable system it is highly recomended you purchase one that cannot be adjusted lower than 7 1/2'.  Severe dental injuries, although rare can happen on systems where the rim is low because teeth/braces can get caught in the net. In youth Park/Rec and League play kids start out at 8 feet and move up from there. Even 4 and 5 year olds can easily make shots on a 7 1/2 foot hoop with the right size ball. Kids grow fast and will soon be mostly shooting at a 10 foot hoop. We recommend safety first. 

Glass backboards are used for competition play in high school, college and the pros because glass gives you the best ball rebound. A home court with a glass backboard is the best possible training ground to work on competitive-level skills. One of the reasons we sell  Wilson is that they offer  many systems with glass backboards. Acrylic (plastic) backboards will give you the look of glass but if you want a good rebound try to buy a system with a minimum of 1/2" thick acrylic material for the backboard. Thinner material acrylic backboards and molded graphite backboards look great and have price benefits - but nothing compares to playing on glass.

Only buy a basketball system with a one piece pole. This is the most important thing you can do in selecting a system. Most basketball systems sold at major department stores and chain sporting goods stores have a multi-piece pole that you have to put together. The reason for this is it makes it much easier for the store to stock the item and the customer to put in the car and take home. Multi-piece poles become wobbly after a short time and rust easily at the joints because the paint scrapes off when you put the sections together. Square poles are also better than round poles because of strength. The square corners provide for more rigidity, beware however of square poles that are multi-piece. Always insist on a system with a one piece pole. 

Not all goals are the same. Look for goals that use heavy duty construction. Features like wrap around braces, heavy return springs, and metal net ties are very important. A lot of manufactures today use plastic net ties that are clipped on the rim to hold the net on. These break off very easily and now the net won't stay on, nobody wants to play on a hoop with no net. We like  Wilson and First Team  because they use metal net ties, hand-welded to the rims on all their goals.

Plan ahead
Select a system that will keep up with changing skill levels. Kids that are young now and are happy to have any hoop to play on will probably want to play/practice on a quality system when they get older, a system that duplicates the same feel they have playing at the gym. If you choose the right system now you will only have to buy one.

Got Help? Call our Hoop Expert toll free at 888-844-7470 7 days a week!

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