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Do It Yourself Installation Tips

Our Basketball Systems are easy to install. We provide clear, easy to read installation instructions complete with illustrations with every system. Then we have taken it a step further to make it even easier with our do it yourself installation tips. We have installed well over 10,000 basketball systems as and have developed some great time saving tips that we are happy to share with you. We will even fax you the installation instructions before your system arrives so you can get a head start (once you have made your purchase email us with your name and model number and we will get it out right away) NOTE: Not all tips apply to all systems, always refer to the installation instructions included with your system

Bolt-down systems require a 14" - 20" x 48" deep hole to cement in the "J" bolts. Use a post hole digger and a digging bar to dig the hole. With these tools you should be able to dig the hole in 20 to 30 minutes, even in tough digging conditions. If you don't have these two simple tools borrow them from a neighbor or rent them for a few bucks each at your local tool rental store, it makes all the difference.

The hole for the "J" bolts will require about 14-16-60# bag of pre-mix concrete. Expect to pay about $2 to $3 a bag and you can buy it at any hardware store. You can even haul it in the trunk of your car if needed. If you don't have a wheel barrel to mix the cement in, do it a bag at a time in a five gallon bucket, works just fine. Wait at least 2-4 days before installing the rest of the system.

Once  that the "J" bolts are set and cured (2-4 days)  it is time to install the system. This part is easy and will go smooth using basic tools and a level. Read the instructions completely first. Start by installing the pole onto the "J" bolts. Next attach the arms and the crank system. Then comes the backboard, get a helping hand for this part. Finally the rim and padding.

GotHelp? Call our Hoop Expert toll free at 888-884-7470 7 days a week!

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  Important Court Measurements

Free Throw Line 15' from face the of the backboard
High School 3 Point Line 19'9" from the center of the rim
College 3 Point Line 19'9" from the center of the rim
Pro 3 Point Line 23'9" from the center of the rim
Regulation Rim Height 10' from the top of the rim
Regulation Court Size 50' x 94'

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